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Creative Europe



Call number

EACEA 29/2015

Project date

1 Jun 2016 - 31 May 2020

Number of partners in project


Lead organisation

Institut De Recherche Et De Coordination Acoustique Musique, France


Flagey Vzw, Brussels

Stichting Gaudeamus Muziekweek, Netherlands

Wissenschaftsstadt Darmstadt, Germany

Impuls - Verein Zur Vermittlung Zeitgenoessischer Musik, Austria

Fondation Royaumont, France

Viitasaaren Kesaakatemia Ry, Finland

Hochschule Fuer Musik Und Theater Hamburg, Germany

Stiftelsen Ultima Oslo Contemporary Music Festival, Norway

Sihtasutus Eesti Filharmoonia Kammerkoor, Estonia

Divertimento Ensemble, Italy

Aldeburgh Music, UK

Internationale Ensemble Modern Akademie E.V., Germany

The Ulysses project was inspired by 18th Century artists who wandered Europe, visiting the greatest masters’ workshops in order to improve their skills. Following the steps of the Homeric hero, their odyssey was an initiatory journey paving the way for future generations of young European artists. Today Europe’s singularity is characterised by the rich diversity of artistic situations and sociological contexts. The Ulysses “journeys” aims to exploit this. 

Ulysses aims to give the “journey” a more metaphorical meaning too.

1. Professional development

Firstly, the metaphor refers to the “professional journey” young musical talent must undertake in order to become mature artists. Ulysses aims to propose “paths” that will enable young artists to find their way from the academies, through the journeys that ultimately will put them in a position to be offered commissions for creating new works to be premiered in world-class venues, thus serving as a launching pad for their careers.

2. Discovery and talent

Secondly, the metaphor applies to potential young artists where the goal is to propose a “journey” that will take them from the discovery of new art forms to a stage where they can become creative themselves in a variety of projects fitted to their needs, thereby revealing their talent.

3. Building audiences

Thirdly, the metaphor applies to audience building. Audiences today are confronted with a bewildering variety of musical aesthetics and practices. Audiences of all ages will be offered activities that will take them from a first encounter with an artist (or a work) to a deeper understanding of the work.

4. Online platform

Lastly, the metaphor will be deployed in the virtual world of the online Ulysses Platform by enabling music professionals and amateurs to follow the evolution and accomplishments of young artists.

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