Goldierocks: Celebrating 10 Years with Selector Radio

For the past 10 years, Goldierocks has hosted our very own Selector Radio show, broadcast around the world in over 30 countries. Here are her words on an incredible decade and the beginning of a brand new chapter.

After 10 years of presenting ‘The Selector’ this summer, it’s time for a change; a chance to grow and evolve and to have time and space to embrace different challenges. Today will be my last show.

Presenting ‘The Selector’ has been my dream job. A role of a life time and I shall be forever grateful for the opportunity. I’m so immensely proud of the work we’ve done with the show, how we’ve touched so many people’s lives across the globe through music and cultural exchange.

Huge thanks to my producers Folded Wing – for your enthusiasm, patience, guidance and friendship over the last nine years of working together. We’ve made some epic radio.

I would like to say the most monumental thank you to the British Council, for giving me this opportunity, for letting me be the face and voice of this project for a decade; for trusting in me and giving me complete creative freedom. Traveling the world and making this iconic show my own, meeting so many amazing, inspirational people from so many different cultural backgrounds has truly made me the person I am today. Special love, respect and thanks to all the regional offices for your hard work, passion and dedication over the years. It’s been such an honour to get to collaborate with people like you doing genuinely brilliant, important work.

Most importantly, I’m grateful to my core, for all the love and support our local radio stations and the listeners, the fans of the show have shown me, over the last decade. My final show focuses on UK music that has shaped my life, my career and my journey with ‘The Selector’. I hope you enjoy it.

Big love

Good luck and do your best

Goldierocks x



What are your favourite memories from the show?

Our Best Of show captured my favourite moments very well I think. The Jordan Rakei live session has been my favourite – he’s such an old soul. His voice is rich and soothing. Self Esteem and Alt J both gave really earnest, raw and emotional interviews. I think that’s key in speaking to artists and creators – giving them the space and calm to open up and speak frankly. I’ve also loved meeting so many creatives from my travels overseas and immersing myself in the local culture. I remember going to Libya, where team Selector went to talk to the youth forum of Tripoli. We were the first culture correspondents to visit the country after the fall of Gadaffi and it felt like exactly what the young people of the country needed – to be lifted up and inspired which is exactly what this show is all about.


Which countries have you most enjoyed visiting during your time with Selector and why?

I’ve travelled to over 34 countries during my time with The Selector, all with very contrasting social cultural norms, tastes in music and ways of celebrating life. I feel incredibly grateful for the experience. I loved Nepal – the architecture, peaceful, kind natured people. I’ve been to China five times with the show and it’s such a vast, completely different place to the UK and that was fascinating. Cuba will always have a very special place in my heart – the music, the people … the rum! It’s such a romantic, artistic, passionate place. We threw some huge open-air parties there and getting on air was quite a feat, but a truly historic moment. We’re the only internationally-made media allowed on air since the Cuban revolution. I’m very proud of that.


How do you feel the music scene in the UK has changed during these past years?

It’s completely changed. As the internet has grown, the opportunity for artists to collaborate (without even meeting in person) to hear and be influenced by new sounds and genres has completely transformed the way people make and consume music. I think it’s an incredibly exciting time for new music. I also think curators and taste makers, now that people are flooded with music every day, are a more valued and cherished service than ever before.


What advice would you give to up and coming musicians or broadcasters?

Be authentic and original, persevere and be kind. Trends will come and go. If you’re true to yourself, say what you really want to say and make the kind of art that makes your soul sing, then your music will be timeless, unique and memorable. It’s such an important time in our country’s cultural history – it’s vital we have musicians that really have something to say.


What have you got planned for the near future?

I will continue my work as a DJ and broadcaster and I’m writing a book to be published next Spring. I hope to continue my work in cultural relations and human rights activism, albeit in a different form. And I’ve also got a charity trek to Machu Picchu coming up!


Which five words would you use to describe the past 10 years hosting Selector?

Adventure, connection, euphoria, exhausting, proud.


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