FAMLAB IV – Film, Archive, Music Lab 2022

FAMLAB (Film, Archive, Music Lab) is a collaboration between the British Council Film and Music programme, the British Film Institute, and Sheffield’s Sensoria festival of film and music. FAMLAB IV is part of a programme of activities that the British Council is supporting as international partner for Coventry UK City of Culture 2021, and we’re excited to be partnering Coventry’s The Tin Music and Arts and Deliaphonic – an annual festival celebrating the life and work of Coventry born electronica pioneer, Delia Derbyshire.

FAMLAB IV takes place in the run up to the 2022 edition of Deliaphonic and during the week participants and artists will take part in a series of workshops composing for archive and screen. There’ll be public talks from leading artists in the field of film composing and a public event as part of Deliaphonic festival.

The fourth Film, Archive and Music Lab (FAMLAB) workshop takes place from 28 February – 5 March 2022, bringing together 10 musicians for a week immersed in exploration of the challenges and rich potential for collaborative film archive and music projects. This year’s cohort includes participants from the UK, Turkey, India, the Philippines, Bosnia and Herzegovina and South Africa and the workshop is a unique opportunity to share knowledge and expertise with inspiring conversations and new creative challenges. Guest speakers at the workshop include Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe Cosey Fanni Tutti, Caroline Catz and Marta Salogni.


Watch FAMLAB Online

Deliaphonic will be unveiling new work made from this project as part of the Saturday evening performances and we’re delighted to bring you, in the wider UK and around the world, live highlights from the historic Coventry Cathedral via Deliaphonic’s YouTube Channel.

Watch FAMLAB online: 5 March 2022, 18:30 GMT



FAMLAB is part of the British Council’s Film and Music initiative, an on-going programme supporting performers, composers, filmmakers and producers working in the artistic space where the two worlds of film and music converge. Projects include: events at SXSW, Envision Sound composing workshops, and last year’s Spaces in Between, working with Video Jam to commission five audio-visual works by UK musicians working with artist filmmakers from around the world. FAMLAB has also inspired Heritage of Future Past, an ambitious, two-year, film and music cultural heritage programme in Vietnam.

FAMLAB IV is a partnership between the British Council, Coventry 2021, British Film Institute, Sensoria, The Tin Music and Arts, and Deliaphonic.


Meet the Teams

For Sensoria

Nigel Humberstone, Jo Wingate

For The Tin Music and Arts and Deliaphonic

Sarah Morgan, Martin Leape


Tim Stevens, Stuart Brown

For British Council

Joel Mills, Grace Pitkin, Gary Thomas


FAMLAB IV participants


Cristiana Ile, Kris Halpin, Sonia Killmann, Rebekah Ubuntu, Hayat Selim


Corinne De San Jose (The Phillipines), Dilan Balkay (Turkey), Dani Kyengo O'Neill (South Africa), David Mastikosa (Bosnia & Herzegovina), Subhagata Singha (Rivu) (India)


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Film and Music